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One of World's Countries with Best Chance to Develop Futsal is - the U.S.

By Tim Sheldon

(Editor's note: Victor Beceiro gives us an early look at the possibilities of linking Futsal with the NBA.)

BARCELONA (5-31-12) - Victor Beceiro, former Director of Futsal for FIFA, has studied the development of the sport all over the world and has concluded that one of the countries that has the best chance to development and market Futsal is the U.S.

victorbeceiro053112.jpg (3035 bytes)"The U.S. is one of the most attractive countries for Futsal," Beceiro said. "Futsal can really succeed there without too many obstacles."

While the six-a-side wall game gained popularity in the U.S. modeled in large part after ice hockey, Beceiro sees Futsal as following more in the path of basketball, NBA basketball to be more specific.

(Photo: Victor Beceiro)

Futsal is "the basketball version to be offered soccer fans in the U.S.," he said. "I was in Los Angeles from 1990-94 and had a chance to witness soccer and indoor soccer. Futsal could be played in NBA arenas and be attactive to NBA owners. Futsal is more spectacular and skillful than the other form of indoor soccer."

The former FIFA official noted how the basic production of Futsal would be the same as NBA basketball, from the use of the arena, to the size of the playing area, to the pace of the game, to the location of television cameras.

"I feel that Futsal in the U.S. can follow the path left by basketball," he said."And possibly futsal and the NBA can work together. The two sports can work together well from many points of view."

Beceiro, a native of Barcelona, was Futsal and Beach Soccer Manager at FIFA from 1999 through 2004, before joining FC Barcelona as a community and media relations executive from 2005 through 2009.

He currently represents UEFA at international competitions and has started his own business, VB, which specializes in sports brand development and market positioning.

The key to success in developing a Futsal infrastructure and possible professional league is developing the correct commercial branding, he said.

"If you give right commercial branding to Futsal, you can play it at an attractive level."


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