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Tozer Sees Strong International Interest in New Professional Futsal League

By Tim Sheldon

Keith Tozer, Commissioner of the new Professional Futsal League (PFL), said he was surprised by the level of international response to the new league.

Speaking over the phone from Philadelphia during the closing stages of the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) Convention, Tozer said, "The international interest has been remarkable."

At this seminal stage of the new league, the international corporate interest seems to be drawn by the PFL's investment structure. Never before has professional Futsal been promoted at such a high level in the U.S., and it's drawing interest previously unheard of.

(Photo: Keith Tozer, PFL Commissioner.)

The lead investor is Donnie Nelson, General Manager and President of Basketball Operations for the Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association. Nelson is very enthusiastic about the growth of Futsal worldwide and its future in the U.S.

Nelson has worked very closely with Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban for over a decade, and Nelson has been described in an ESPN article by Marc Stein as Cuban's "top advisor and right-hand man".

Cuban has not been mentioned as yet in connection with the new league - except by us - but with this kind of entrepreneurial acumen in the Dallas Mavericks organization, we can see why investors would take a serious look.

Investors would see the league being planned, launched and managed at the highest professional level.

What will the league look like? Fairly simple for starters with a sensible operating budget, Tozer said. "There will be more than one team in some cities."

Greater Dallas and New York will probably have more than one team, similar to the way in which soccer clubs are scattered about Greater London. Tozer said we may see this same concept in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest. They'll take it a step at a time, as the PFL moves toward its launching date of November, 2016.

PFL organizers are planning a series of exhibition games in the build-up to the starting date, which will include several of the biggest Brazilian Futsal clubs.

The PFL booth attracted a lot of interest at the NSCAA Convention, and Tozer said there was a synergy developing between outdoor soccer and the new indoor league. There is also the synergy between the PFL and NBA, combining the fast-rising attraction of the World Indoor Game with the investment and organizational skills of the internationally-focused NBA.

We'll be hearing more soon, Tozer assured us.


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