Futsal Newsletter from the Philippines Vol. 3 #1

Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 01:51:17 -0800 (PST)
From: "ncr futsal" <futsalista2000@yahoo.com>  
Subject: Futsal Newsletter from the Philippines Vol. 3 #1

A lot of News and Developments for Philippine Futsal are upon us! Happy reading the broken down topics, keep on kicking around!!!


A. Local Development Plans and Implementation
B. Competition
C. The National Team
D. Equipment
E. National Capital Region
F. Little stuff that mean a lot...
G. Coaching


 A. Local Development Plans and Implementation

The Philippine Football Federation has been doing its utmost in finding solutions for Futsal Development. Currently, there will be a restructuring of how Futsal would be run as a full-fledged and extremely integral part of the Federation and its operations. Currently I am part of the Committee helping oversee its growth, as I have been in a volunteer capacity for over 4 years, and lately as a full-fledged official.


Our aim is to help Futsal find its suitable place under the Philippine Sun and to come up with solutions in contributing to the whole Philippine Football Family. Lately, the Philippine Football Federation "Kasibulan" Grassroots Committee has inquired on how Futsal may be integrated into the current structure. We are finding ways and future discussions are at hand to follow up on my initial presentation to them as Futsal, "An aid for greater Technical Development", and another competition that is fun! The three Cities trial program (Pasay-Manila-Quezon) involving Public Schools and Youth Organizations is still under works because of the upcoming National Elections. So, once that is water under the bridge, we can do more! 


Aside from this, I have recently requested the P.F.F. Secretariat to inquire with all the Provincial Football Associations, through a survey, just where and what is our "Total" Futsal Status and capability today. I will be leaving separately for AFC World Cup Qualifiers in Macau, aside from the Playing Delegation, as an emissary, to lobby what the Philippines can do as a contributing family member of FIFA for Futsal. My best hopes and wishes are for the P.F.A.s to submit their survey results on the early April deadline set so that the best solutions can be found for a stronger Futsal Organization in the Philippines and to maximize what FIFA, AFC, and AFF have to offer...     


Lastly, I have attached a news article from www.inq7.net, better known as the Philippine Daily Inquirer. It is an article by John Gokongwei, our Country's answer to the Business Magnates such as Li-Ka Shing, and Warren Buffet. In the business competitiveness article, I invite people to review the business side of our culture. In relation to business, I have always mentioned Futsal as a culture, a Sport, and also as an educational avenue that develops Values and Character. Applying Business Principles to Futsal Development and Futsal Tactics to Business Acumen is very easy. Our minds must be open to the similarities of the process flow and effort involved, in order to make things happen for the good of all! 


A National Program? I have already drawn up a starter program for the Country, which involves "Futsal Information and Education through friendly Competition". This is already under review by Adidas, Futsal's most aggressive Patron as of late, and P.F.F.’s responsible partner. I hope everyone would get to experience this wonderful game and share it with others as well...


I cannot take it well when people claim Futsal and Football are two separate sports and should be isolated from each other. More than anything, Futsal is a culture that can stand proud, and support Football. Nothing should stop us playing and having fun, we will always find ways. That is how Futsal started a long time ago in Uruguay by Mr. Ceriani, its founder/inventor. That is what Futsal is to me personally, and I hope for the readers as well. Futsal is the Official small-sided game of FIFA and it is another opportunity where we can express ourselves in Gentlemanly/Womanly competition and social interaction, with pride! We have a lot of infrastructure available already through our abundance of Basketball courts and market of people that are looking to play more foot-sports. The equipment deficiency? We already lobbied for it to be broken, as more brands have come in the market. Need further information on this? Please look from time to time on my Equipment Review section or write me anytime.


B. FIFA & Futsal

As mentioned earlier, FIFA is aggressively Developing Futsal. The Philippines, currently 189 in the latest FIFA/Coca-cola Football World Rankings, is doing its utmost, to do the most important thing, which is not only the rankings, but to ensure that its people are have fun living the World Game. From there, everything else will follow.  


Currently FIFA has a catalog of Seminars for all those willing and capable, covering Football/Futsal Administration, Coaching, and Refereeing. I have obtained this catalog courtesy of Victor Beceiro of FIFA's Futsal Office and it is available at the Philippine Football Federation for all to freely inquire. I am working on finding groups to help fund a number of these seminars and will be hopeful that more help comes our way. You can see some of them on this weblink: http://www.futsalplanet.com/news/news-01.asp?id=2668


*Only the Philippine Football Federation Secretariat is authorized to request and coordinate such undertakings.


A friend of mine has given me a very simple yet taken for granted piece of advice that he himself found when he went to France. The person he spoke to was no more than Mr. Aimie Jacquet, Head Coach of France when they won the World Cup in 1998, and current technical Head of the French Football Association. He said; "Players are only good as their Coaches, Students are only as good as their Instructors". Bearing this in mind, it is of utmost importance we get to avail of the knowledge FIFA has offered to share to the World in order to increase our capability and capacity to contribute, as a member of a greater International Family...


I have attached 2 Microsoft Word Documents in this newsletter pertaining to this. One is from FIFA and AFC, covering FIFA's  "Vision Asia" plan. I invite people to look into it more so that we may know our roles and possibilities in this initiative.  The second is a FIFA article on Futsal. Significantly, the writer is a good man that I have had the pleasure of meeting, Prof. Vicente De Luisse of Argentina, who has willingly offered to help Philippine Futsal Development should the call and possibility arise. Read on, they are very good articles.


C. The National Team

The Senior Men's Futsal National Team that will compete for our country in the upcoming World Cup Qualifiers in Macau this April has a shortlist that has entered its final stretch. This list has been submitted to the AFC. The final cut will be announced soon for 12 players and 2 reserves. I have included in the attached Microsoft Word document the Groupings, Schedule, Format, and Fixtures of the World Cup Qualifiers. Right now, it looks like this:


Team Manager: Jon Villalon

Team Asst. Manager: Vito Sarmiento

Head of Delegation: Joaquin Preysler

Head Coach: Bob Manlulo

Asst. Coach: Denden Buzon

Goalkeeping Coach/Consultant: Prof. Nonnoy Carpio (AFC Instructor)

P.F.F. National Teams Coorindator: Prof. Nonnoy Carpio


Field Players:

Freddy Gonzalez

Christian Lozano

Ally Borromeo

Ally Roxas/Go

Selu Lozano

Jerwin Ngo

J.V. Tanjangco

Oscar Mejia


Payman II.

Roger Lastimado

Domeka Garamendi

Alberto Ramon Besa

Jimmy Dona

Michael Benedicto




Red Avelino


Nonoy Carpina


All of them gather and practice 5-6 times a week in the South Superhighway Sports Complex, currently finishing construction, but already has its "International Standard" Futsal wooden court furnished.


Of notable mention in the team, Freddy, Ally Go, Christian, Roger, Jimmy and Red have represented our country before for Futsal. There are also 3 Fil-Iranians on our team, all under 21 and are very impressive. The rest of the cast are mostly young and have decided to take a deeper look into the Sport and give it their best for our country. Ally Borromeo "is" our country's brightest talent in football at the moment. Conveniently he is based in San Francisco, California, one of the birth-places and hotbeds of North American Futsal. His contribution will be watched and appreciated.


Adidas, among other major patrons, have been a very helpful partners in this initiative to send the team that will fight for all of us. They go to Macau to do one thing, represent us proudly and showcase to the world, "Philippine Futsal".  


Currently, the National Futsal Team is handled by a Marketing Group, Aftermath Marketing, represented by the Manager and Assistant Manager of the National Team. It is their intention to help fulfill P.F.F.'s initiative courtesy of President Romualdez to find willing and responsible partners to help facilitate the growth and competitiveness of our national sides.


For more questions, feel free to write me back on this email address, or call P.F.F. directly at +(632)6871594 or 98.


D. Equipment

Adidas has already launched one of its Flagship Futsal shoes. It is the official shoe of the Men's National Team and it resembles the new 2004 Predator which will be launched in the Euro 2004 Football Tournament in Portugal. It is the Pulsado and I have attached a weblink to show it.   




This is the second shoe that Adidas will be releasing soon. It is more canvass based and for me, it makes a better shoe with more ball feel. The official Retail Price for this has not been released but keep an eye out for it, because if us Futsalistas don't, the Badminton players will!!!




Lastly for Adidas, it has come our with an All-Black color Samba in select stores. I am purchasing a pair soon on my personal account. I always wrote in my earlier articles that the Adidas Samba is recognized by GQ International Men's Magazine as one of the most fashionable and style flexible shoes in the past few decades. I intend to use it for all my formal Futsal functions and hope people can be attracted to it too! Another synergy for Futsal as a way of life, as a very fashionable and comfortable lifestyle!


For those of you with old Goalkeeper Gloves, don't put them to waste! Well trained Goalkeepers experience excessive wear on the fingertips of the gloves, therefore, it is usually deemed useless. Recently, Futsal Specific gloves have been developed, pioneered by Diadora. They have the fingertips bare naked because the Futsal ball is smaller and you need more skin for ball feel and grip. I have asked Sasan, RP Futsal Team Goalkeeper to experiment with his old gloves, a pair of Adidas. He cut them by around two inches from each fingertip and observed a great deal of performance improvement for Futsal. Try it! If more than anything for Futsal, its to recycle old goalkeeper gloves and put them to great use. Futsal really is a good culture, it teaches us a lot and this is my first lesson in recycling!!! I have attached a weblink to the Diadora Model, try it on your gloves that are worn as an experiment, you will be satisfied!!!




E. National Capital Region

I have emailed in the past about the NCRFA Grand Prix Tournament. Currently the NCRFA is reviewing it in lieu of all the coinciding Futsal and Football Tournament. To maximize Futsal Development and the resources available, I am recommending the shift of this Grand Prix into the Futsal "Venue Development and Education" Program. I have a presentation to the NCRFA, where I hold office as the regional coordinator, for the review. I have bright hopes it goes well and promise to keep people up to date on these matters.  


There will be a Futsal Tournament in Festival Mall Filinvest, Alabang. It will be Professionally organized by none other than Manny Batungbakal of UA&P Futsal, UP Mountaineers, and Assumption College Futsal Fame. It is Sanctioned, and everybody is invited to inquire with him. The tournament is for Men and Women, all interested parties please email him. Should you have any difficulty, you can email me and I can call him.

Batungbakal, Manny ebatungbacal@uap.edu.ph


There have been 2 Tournaments this year fo far, the Loyola Schools Invitational, and the yearly Ateneo-UA&P dual meet. I will publish the results as soon as the match reports are properly filed.


Going back to the Grand Prix, it will happen this year and also I the program with Adidas should bare fruit soon!


F. Little stuff that mean a lot...

I was very happy to see a certain event in my office happen. Best of all, other people, totally not-involved in Futsal did it (I had nothing to do with its initiation, implementation, and operation, these were regular people!)! My department at my full time day job in Citibank N.A. Philippines decided to come up with a company get together also with the visiting expatriates, and team building session. They chose Futsal!!! With 60+ people in the Finance Division, they did the following:

2 Men's Teams

2 Women's Teams

Everybody else there for the Cheerleading!


Both Men's teams will play a best of three and the two Women's teams would play a best of three. Each game not lasting more than 10 minutes per match. The final would be played with The Top Men's Team versus the Top Women's Team. The rules would be modified for the final. The Men have to wear slippers and also an eye-patch on one eye, while the Women were allowed to have an extra player which they elected to be another Goalkeeper, so the Women in total had six on the court, with two in Goal. 


It was held at the Rockwell tent and Adidas Sports Kamp gladly lent a pair of Futsal goals. We all had fun that night and I participated as a member of one of the teams, greatly being held in appreciation how regular people can come to love Futsal. In the end of the three-hour event, which involved a little partying and drinking at the nearby Powerplant mall after, the Men prevailed over the Women 2-1 courtesy of an own goal (*Ouch*). It was real fun and I look forward to more companies doing the same for their team building exploits. I will be posting photos on www.futsalonline.com, www.futsalcentral.com and www.futalplanet.com in the near future for everyone to see just what a wacky night everybody had.


G. Coaching

Just a little note on this subject. I have noticed two things that I believe are being neglected. The first: In the Philippines, pure Technically Futsal Players are non-existent at the moment. We have to always remember that. Why? When you teach people who play Football, it is very difficult to have them completely change their natural game, especially if they are over 16 years old. What can be done is to let them freely play how they can at their best and watch them have fun, inspiring them to take a look at the little things and improvements that can be used to help them perform at a higher level. The exercise of mentioning this? I observed a number of teams that insist on how the game of Futsal should be played. More information and materials are needed in the future to do this. My personal opinion? The first and foremost quality is that the player is "free". Free to express himself, and excel. Everything will follow that, especially with good coaching and mentoring. We have a couple of Futsal Centers for youth in the pipeline, it won't be too long before we have an abundance of technically equipped players that can ride with the best of them with the speed of this modern game! 


My second point is that I have also observed that not much attention is given to the tricks and traps of the game. I was coaching a Sunday Football game and noticed my squad's reluctance to do "Magic" with the ball, beating opponents one versus one or one versus two. All those little “discarte's” (Personal Strategies) that make the people that watch stare in awe or leave the opponents baffled, are lacking from our game. It is a worthwhile investment to get your players creative, either by getting a Coach or former Skillful Player to do and teach exhibition tricks for a few sessions. After all, we aren't robots and imagination leads to the excitement and attraction towards this game! Spend a little more time on the field or on the court using your imagination, I assure you won't be disappointed with that latest shimmy and flick you have always thought you couldn't do, and neither would the people watching be disappointed or bored too! 



Everybody, I will be writing again very soon. Keep on kicking, and look forward to making an effort to keeping the game what it is, fun!!!






Miguel G. David

The Futsal Group