Philippine Futsal Newsletter

From: Miguel David 
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2003
Vol.2 #5

ph.gif (2206 bytes)Wishing everyone a very happy holidays, this year has been a banner year overall for Philippine and ASEAN Futsal!!! As usual, the Futsal newsletter takes longer to type every month. This time it took me 5 hours straight to compose. Not bad considering it used to take me 10 minutes... A lot is happening!!!

Quickie announcements: The Philippine Futsal Newsletter in collaboration with Tim Sheldon of will be available through his free subscription based newsgroup. This is available on his website and is very secure. This adds to the roster of publicity our country is getting through his main website, and of course Mico Martic's!

Next Year, I will try to find the resources to further enhance the Philippine Futsal Newsletter: A Digital Camera and Scanner I can borrow, plus open sections for discussion. I have already evolved the newsletter by adding sections and also editing it on Microsoft word.

Again, I respect people's privacy and am obligated to let you know that should you wish to unsubscribe from receiving this newsletter, kindly send me a reply to the email address and I will remove your address immediately.

Also, if you know Futsal Friendly people that don't receive this newsletter, feel free to forward it to them. From an initial "Main List" of 20 people, it has grown to a huge number. I am happy that a lot of people are doing their part for the game and will forever continue being a helping hand in its growth...

The Final Newsletter for the year would include the following topics:
1. Metro Manila News
2. Local News
3. International News
4. Monthly Roll of Honor
5. Equipment
6. Coaching
7. Programs and Advocacies
8. The Fruitful Journey to Thailand
9. Discussions for the future
10. Profile of Juan Miguel Guingona David and the Futsal Group
11. Unofficial Futsal World Rankings courtesy of and Errea

And here we go!!!

1. Metro Manila News
A number of tournaments have occurred in the past two months, the two that come to immediate notice are the Women's National College Athletics Association (WNCAA) Festival, and also the Ateneo Center Futsal Fiesta. Both were done Festival Style!

The WNCAA tournament was held on 3 match days, 2 for the collegiate (8 Teams), and one for the high school (6 Teams) held at the Brand New Adidas Sports Kamp at Fort Bonifacio. In the Collegiate Division, held at the end of November, College of Saint Benilde took command of the whole tournament and was threatened severely, only in the final. The upstart R.T.U. Ladies Team, which is also actually their Softball Team gave them a very good run, showing the importance of hand-eye coordination, and athleticism in Sport! In the end though, technique and mastery of the game was a factor and CSB ran out convincing winners after a labored first half. Kudos though to RTU for making the journey to the unknown successfully! Worth mentioning is WNCAA's introduction of the "Leadership Award", for outstanding character on and off the court! It is very warming to see more awards to recognize good people for their efforts.

In the High School Division, La Salle Zobel was simply in a class of its own. La Salle Zobel was one of the earliest schools to embrace Futsal, alongside Ateneo and University of Asia and the Pacific. This was 3 year ago. Forward to the first week of December, it was an intriguing clash, with DLSZ staffed by former RP Men's Senior National Team Coach Hans Smit, and Miriam coached by current National Team Coach Bob Manlulo, who came in a barong (Formal attire), and missed a wedding, just to help ensure the quality of the game would rise with proper guidance! Same as the Collegiate Final, the first half was fairly split between both teams but the second was blasted wide open with De la Salle Zobel pulling through convincingly. Kudos to all the participants!

There was TV coverage throughout the event and it was a general success for everybody. This was the second year that Futsal was a demonstration sport at the WNCAA and if it passes the test next year, it will become a regular event with the chance of even being recognized as a premium level competition in their yearly calendar. Congratulations to all!

Ateneo Futsal Fiesta
Participated by numerous teams forming two Men's Divisions and one huge Ladies Division, it was an affair to remember! Organized by the Ateneo Center courtesy of Bob Manlulo and Paolo Belosillo, it was a rousing success. Setting the kickoff time shortly after lunch for the whole festival, using 4 courts in the Ateneo Grade School Gym, the whole event took till 10:30PM to finally wrap up.

In the Men's 1st Division, it was a very physical and technically brilliant affair. Contesting the final was Kaya FC (Again!!!) led by the irrepressible Christian Lozano and Ali Roxas,
they stormed all the way except for a slip up against Pasargad in the qualifiers. Owing to an opportunist longshot and success in slowing down the game, they defeated Pasargad 1-0 in the Final.

A happy ending dominated the Second Division Final. A lot of "serious fun" (Its fun to win right???) teams played, and also high school teams! UA&P, one of the founding schools of Futsal here in the Country, used all their grit to win against a team comprised of players from the Philippine Army, including Gener, the combative RP Futsal/Football Team Midfielder. Against all odds and the heroics of new addition Marnie Marasigan in Goal, UA&P finally prevailed and brought home a Top Futsal Honor!

In the Women's Division, which was the rowdiest of them all, FEU and P.U.P. contested the final. F.E.U. and P.U.P. were part of the Women's Development Program for Futsal at the UA&P invitational, using their learnings and embracing the game to take to the final. In the end, one winner emerged. Who remembers the Basketball final of the UAAP? The Lady Tamaraws of F.E.U. brought further honor to their school and took home the Futsal Ladies Trophy.

2. Local News
In the Philippines to my knowledge, there are Futsal Programs being aggressively pursued and planned in the following areas:
South Cotobato

It is in my sincerest hope that groups bind together and help each one in any of their needs. Futsal development starts from individuals, it won't be long till they mature into futsal hotbeds and eventually share their resources with their neighboring regions. Wishing them all the best, the Philippines is only as good as its numerous components combined.

There is interest from a number of private groups to develop Futsal and one by one they are coming forward. There is a rumored projection for 3 International Standard Futsal Halls to be developed in Metro Manila by June 2004 by 3 separate groups. One has been finalized and is now a reality. This is going to be located in Libis and is called Club 650, boasting 12 Badminton Courts and 1 full size Futsal Court. My best wishes to them and their endeavors, and a sincerest thank you for believing in Futsal's potential for our Country.

In other Local News, the Philippine Football Federation has agreed in principle for the formal creation of the Futsal Committee/Operations in the PFF structure. This will be headed by none other than Mr. Joaquin Preysler. The final plans, mandate and list of committee members has yet to be drawn up.

Mr. Juan Miguel Romualdez of Blue Guards and RP Team fame has won the recently concluded PFF Congress Presidential Elections. He was able to top Rep. Monico Puentevella of Bacolod 11-6 in the voting, therefore giving him the position of President for the next few years. Outgoing President Rene Z. Adad is leaving though on a high note, having secured a number of important support contracts, safeguarding Philippine Football. All the best to President Romualdez, may he bring our sport forward. The most heartfelt thanks to Mr. Adad, through trying times, we are still here and are optimistic in the belief that Football will have its place in our Country forever...

I am unaware of Mr. Romualdez's plan for Futsal in the Country but I have received reassurances from Mr. Preysler that Mr. Romualdez recognizes its potential, with further discussions in the future happening.

3. International News
The Philippines is officially sending out the Men's Senior Futsal National Team to Macau on April 2004. This tournament will also serve as the World Cup Qualifiers for the FIFA Futsal World Championship to be held in Chinese Taipei on Nov. 2004. The top 3 finishers in Asia will gain the right to fight for the World Cup. So far, the following teams from around the world have qualified for the World Cup:
Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, and the Czech Republic.

Open tryouts will be announced soon though interested parties are welcome to call PFF and look for Mr. Joaquin Preysler at (+632)6871594 and 98 to inquire further, or to offer support, or for tryout details. It is ideal to keep the nucleus of the last team sent out this year that competed well in Kuantan Malaysia for the ASEAN Championship but the final list is really the prerogative of the National Coach and the Futsal Chairperson. All help offered will be most appreciated!

18 teams will participate in Macau:
IR Iran, Japan, Thailand, Kuwait, Malaysia, Lebanon, Uzbekistan, Korea Rep., Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Chinese Taipei, Cambodia, China PR, Maldives, Hong Kong, Guam, Philippines and Macau.

I appeal and call out to people to help support the National Team's efforts through active participation in events and development programs in your own way, and also most importantly, continue enjoying the game from your perspective!

4. Monthly Roll of Honor
This month is gonna be pretty long...
I would like to invite people in commending the following groups and individuals for their efforts in Futsal:
Vivian Manila and the Board of WNCAA
Deepest thanks for believing in Futsal, hopefully something big would come out of their efforts in the coming year. Aside from that, they were the first donors of the "Fass-Porward" Advocacy, gladly donating two premium Adidas Futsal Match Balls to the Dapitan Football/Futsal Children's Clinic handled by Mr. Alden Kison, of Mr. Ally Atienza of the City of Manila. May more follow WNCAA's social example.

Bob Bayona
And you know what? Someone did!!! Futsal National Team Captain Bob Bayona found himself in Sagada while participating in an Eco-Challenge competition. Stumbling onto a thriving Bare-football community, he came back to Manila seeking support for their efforts through equipment donations. Courtesy of the "Fass-Porward" Advocacy, he was able to raise around 30 Jerseys and will be making the Post-Christmas trip back to the North to turn over the support, fulfilling his belief and the belief of many that Football/Futsal can only thrive if literally everybody helps out each other... Merry Christmas Bob (A.K.A. Papap)!

Rizal Technical University Ladies Team
For a team of Softballers willing to try out a new thing, they were the surprise and toast of WNCAA by making it to the final and threatening C.S.B.! Futsal welcomes everyone willing to try new things and most importantly enjoy. this month, R.T.U. embodied just that!

Bob Manlulo and Paolo Belosillo of Ateneo Center
The Futsal Festival was a great event! More and more teams are willing to try out the game. With more vents like these, the sport will reach out faster! Kudos to the both of you and all those that helped out!

Antonni Tano of South Cotabato
South Cotabato are having a Futsal Festival on Dec. 23. My hopes and prayers go out to them and their success of Futsal in my motherland, Mindanao!

Gerry Andres and Robert Sylianteng of the Xavier Football School
Gerry has just informed me that Xavier School has purchased 20 Futsal balls (for donation? Hehehe...) for the creation of the Xavier Futsal Program and preparation of their Futsal Arena being constructed for year 2005. Maybe I graduated from Xavier too early, but this development is most welcome!

Mr. Rene Adad, outgoing President of the Philippine Football Federation
Mr. Adad, while at AFC for a Football Committee Meeting, was also able to set up a meeting for Futsal in Malaysia with FIFA's newly appointed coordinator for AFC, Mr. Joao Rocha. The meeting was a rousing success and FIFA's AFC Futsal Office has included the Philippines in their overall development strategy for Futsal. The attractiveness of Futsal is mainly due to the help of all those playing and the enthusiasm has reached international level!

Mr. Daryoush Irani, Chairman of the NCRFA Referees Committee
The impossible was achieved! Daryoush, with the help and support of others, finally united the Referees in NCRFA! It was a nice sight that both former warring referees groups were officiating together in the Globe Supercup Football Final, and their respective advocates, Tomas Saluria and Gerry Andres were side by side. The Football Assignments and Development is now handled by Tomas Saluria while Gerry Andres has been given the Responsibility for Futsal. Thank you Daryoush from myself personally, and I hope more people like you come forward to bring the peace wherever it may be needed for the good of the game!

Mr. Daniel Metcalfe, ESPNSTAR Sports, Head Office Singapore
One of the main drivers of Asian Futsal through his efforts with ESPNSTAR Sports in the Tiger and Malaysia 5's, Futsal has become a hotbed in Asia partly due to his belief that Asia can love this game! I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Mr. Metcalfe in Bangkok, Thailand, and there will be more to come from ESPNSTAR. Currently they have 3 Futsal Programs, Malaysia 5's, Egypt Pyramids Cup, and also the Thai 5's. You can view the Thai 5's on Star Sports this month and I have attached the schedule for your viewing pleasure because T.V. broadcasts are the easiest tool for Development that can reach anywhere, and serve as an inspiration to the Children all over the Country...

Mr. Adisak Benjasiriwan, Chairman of Futsal, Thai FA
Mr. Benjasiriwan is one of those believers that the region can prosper if the region works together, and also Thailand's advocate for Sport-tourism and Youth Development. Having heavily helped in the investment of Futsal in Thailand, he shares the vision of FIFA that ASEAN has a great role to play in East Asia. Giving his unconditional voice of support for the Philippines during the Thai 5's, we will be looking forward to more cooperative development between our countries in the future. By the way, himself and the Deputy Secretary Secretary General of the Thai F.A. graduated from M.I.T.. Before you get American School ideas, that's "Mapua" Institute of Technology!!!

Director Victor Beceiro, FIFA Head for Beach Soccer and Futsal
Men of his mould pursue Development through great sacrifices and hardship, a noble cause indeed. Because of his aggressive and no-nonsense stance of Futsal Development, FIFA's Futsal Program has no peer! Victor Beceiro has been coming to Asia more often and has committed to developing our region through the plan "Vision Asia". Meeting him in Thailand, he has authorized the delivery of a number of development tools for the improvement and growth of Futsal in the Philippines. FIFA is aware of all of the contributions every Filipino makes in Futsal and has pledged to be with the Philippines every step of the way!

5. Equipment
Few notes for this section, lets see what the year has in store for them! Rumor has it that a major International Sports Manufacturer, that helped spearhead Futsal Development in the Philippines is poised for a surprise return. they plan to introduce a number of crucial equipment lines for the sport next year. Hints? Sorry, wait and see!!!

My visit to Thailand allowed me to witness what I researched on. You can purchase Futsal Balls there for as low as P300.00, and Futsal Shoes for P400.00. No joke, these are signature brands too!

I have sent down to Cebu through its F.A. President Mr. Maxi maximo, two ball samples I acquired in Thailand, that can be presented to local manufacturers and study the feasibility of making a low cost alternative for the class C and D market for the good of the sport's propagation. I hope something would be found out of it, good luck Maxi!

I have finally received from Germany the order I placed two months ago for two sample Premium Futsal Balls, A children's sized ball, and a Premium Match Ball. They are currently undergoing testing and will be presented for marketing ideas and possibly mass orders in the near future.

Goalkeeper Gloves by a number of manufacturers have taken up a new shape. for greater grip on the ball, the fingertip areas are cut out, exposing the fingers for maximum grip on the ball! The reason for this is because the Futsal Ball is small and that too much foam lets you lose your feel for ball-touch. Currently Bob Manlulo of Bobman Trading sells these Diadora Gloves. You can contact him through the Ateneo de Manila Football Center.

Lastly, I was able to get copies of Futsal Games. I am currently in the process of making them into VCDs. They all have the consent of their makers, with the provision that they are not broadcasted publicly, and used specifically for education and development of Futsal in the Philippines. Aside from this, I have received the coaching manual and video from Queensland Futsal (available at for helping us draw out programs.

Any inquiries, feel free to call me on my mobile, (+63)917-8968648, I will be glad to find ways to assist you.

6. Coaching
Observing 4 different types of Futsal Cultures on display in the Thai 5's, it was an experience to remember.
The individual brilliance of Brazil, causing opponents to have to double team them, therefore creating space for additional Brasilian Attackers to finish.

The spirit of Thailand and their willingness to try new things was one of the tournament's highlights, especially how they drew one of their opponents. I won't say the score, catch the game on Star Sports!

The machine-like movements of Russia was a match to remember. In Futsal, substitutions in open play can win games. Observing how Russia utilized their Rhombus-shaped formation was a spectacle. Systematically breaking down opponents all the way to the final 3rd of the pitch in order to score!

For the Japanese, their counter-attacking game and one touch long ball antics from the far corners was a sight to see. Upsetting one of the major teams in the tournament, they have made a mark internationally.

No more coaching tips for the year, its really nice to review the international matches played and see for yourself why stuff work. Please watch the games on ESPNSTAR, you can get all the T.V. times from, go to T.V. Times, and then football, and select the Philippines. You can also view all your favorite Football Schedules there too!

7. Programs and Advocacies
There are three programs I am pushing both privately and also through the Philippine Football Federation, for the growth of Futsal in the Philippines.
A. SuperLiga "Total Futsal" Development Concept
B. Youth Development through Sport *(attached)
C. "Fass-Porward" Equipment Sharing/Donation *(attached)

Everyone's inputs and ideas are most welcome in the Federation and also Regional Association. Feel free to comment, add, or even submit full programs, and I will do what best I can to refer you to the active Futsal People. Let's all move together!

8. The Journey to Thailand
The story of my going to Thailand begins months ago when Mr. Daniel Metcalfe of ESPNSTAR took notice of one of the Newsletters published on futsalonline. Inquiring further of the Futsal Activities in the Country, due mainly to the Philippine Culture and their current crop of success stories on ESPNSTAR like Efren "Bata" Reyes of Billiards, and Paeng Nepomuceno of Bowling, we were able to strike a meaningful friendship, sharing ideas and concepts on how Futsal can grow in Asia. This lead to his introduction of Victor Beceiro of FIFA to myself, and his direct interest into the Philippine Developments.

With the launching of the Thai 5's Mr. Beceiro and Mr. Metcalfe saw it fit that a meeting take place between groups in a feasible location for everybody, we all made the trip to finally meet each other personally in Thailand, with the mission of helping Futsal in East Asia. Seizing with no regrets my 13th month bonus paycheck from my day job to subsidize the trip and also acquiring the blessings of the Philippine Football Federation to represent the Philippines in a full official manner (Because the only position in PFF is the Chairmanship of Mr. Preysler), I presented our current situation and future hopes to those present.

Purpose of Trip:
A. Visit Final 2 Match Days of Inaugural Thai 5’s International Futsal Tournament as a Guest Official
B. Meeting with FIFA Director of Futsal, Mr. Victor Beceiro and FIFA Futsal Executive Council Member Tom van der Hulst on FIFA Futsal “Vision Asia”.
C. Meeting with Mr. Daniel Metcalfe of ESPNSTAR, Event Director of Futsal for ESPNSTAR.

A. Thai 5’s Tournament - Nimibutr Stadium, Bangkok
B. Meetings – The Radisson Hotel, Bangkok
Duration of my (Miguel G. David) personal stay: Nov. 21-25

Events that transpired:

Thai 5’s Futsal Tournament
Meeting with Taiwanese World Cup Organizing Committee with final preparations for the World Cup to be held on November 2004.
Meetings with different Asian Representatives on the coordinated effort for Futsal Development in Asia
Solicitation of support and assurance of continued cooperation between the Philippines and FIFA.
People Involved:
Juan Miguel G. David
Secretary of Futsal under Joaquin Preysler
Philippine Football Federation

Victor Beceiro
Director of Beach Soccer and Futsal

Tom van der Hulst
Futsal Executive Council Member

Adisak Benjasiriwan
Futsal Chairperson
Thai FA

Jeysing Muthiah
Official Representative

Daniel Metcalfe
Events Director

Mohamed Maricar Iqbal
Event Organizer
Krippe Sports

Taiwanese Organizing Committee for World Futsal Championship Chinese Taipei, 2004.
Chinese-Taipei Football Association

9. Discussions for the Future
The Philippine Football Federation is now working on how to maximize the results of the Thailand trip. They are as follows:
Support from FIFA in the form of:
- Referee Instructor
- Technical/Coaching Instructor
- FIFA Coaching Manuals
- FIFA Development Program Equipment Support
- Greater consultations between all Asian Associations

As of now, I have turned over the 40 FIFA Coaching Manuals to the chairperson of Futsal, Mr. Joaquin Preysler and plans are underway on how best to utilize them. We have also been fortunate to find two possible private individuals that may fund the coming of the two instructors. Lastly, we have confirmed our participation for the Asian Futsal Championship Macau 2004, and are bound to achieve a lot there with everybody's help.

My personal hopes and dreams is that by 2005, the Philippines would be ready to host the ASEAN Futsal Championship, and also the SEA Games introduction to Futsal using the edition in Manila. These are hopes and dreams that I know can only be realized if everyone helps out. Dreams need bridges to become realities and I invite all in helping make those bridges come to be by doing Futsal related activities in any which way you see fit. The sport has potential, and this is based on the Country's initial reaction to it and also the interest from the international community to help the Country succeed.

There is more to it than that and I will elaborate more in future newsletters.

10. Profile of Juan Miguel Guingona David and the Futsal Group

On a short note, I believe not many people on this list know me personally. For a formal introduction, my name is Juan Miguel Pacifico Guingona David. I am a Football Player/Administrator. Currently I serve with the following capacities:

Vice President - United Football League NCRFA
Coordinator of Futsal - NCRFA
Secretary of Futsal to Joaquin Preysler - Philippine Football Federation
Coaching Staff and Director - Xavier Alumni Football
Founding Member - Sacred Heart Cebu Youth Football
Administrator - Lateo Football Club

Former Player - Philippine Air Force

For more additional info, you can see me at as a collaborator on their contributors section where I have my photo and also full details.

But that is the present, what is the past relevance to Futsal?
4 years ago while studying different development programs for business, I stumbled on Futsal as a research project in my early collegiate years, combining it with my beliefs on how to help Football in our country grow faster, stronger and better. Eventually finding Mr. Joaquin Preysler, at that time part of Philippine Amateur Cycling Association, we worked hard together for the formation of the first Full-Futsal National Team, eventually coached by Hans Smit, competing impressively in Malaysia during the 1st Futsal ASEAN Championship.

After this event, I went into the background in order to complete my University Degree in Entrepreneurship where I believe I was a very consistent performer (Giving basis to my Development Background)! Late last year, Futsal was to be pushed once again and with the request of Joaquin Preysler, I assembled the "Futsal Group" one night at my residence. This dates back to newsletter number one. The group that sat down over a simple dinner that night to help become a think tank of ideas and actions to promote Futsal and reassemble the National Team was composed of the following people:

- Mark Ramos of SFC
- Rudy del Rosario of Kaya and UA&P
- Denden Buson of Los Borrachos
- Joaquin Presyler of the PFF
- Bob Manlulo of Ateneo and Miriam
- Daryoush Irani of Pasargad
- Rommel Turningan of Onze

The objective of the Futsal Group was to help promote Futsal by introducing the game to the people aggressively, and to build the foundations for it to survive. After the first Developmental League that formed the National Team, a lot of the Futsal Group people have gone on to do great things for Futsal on their own. It was the sincerest intent of the Futsal Group to help establish Futsal and I believe it was achieved, mainly because of the openness of the Filipino people and also the Local and National association in further embracing the sport. The Futsal Group is not a members only organization, it is a feeling that something must move in order to drive our Country forward though Sports, nothing more, nothing less.

I have received information that the Futsal Group is a movement accused of having other purposes than development. In my personal opinion, speaking as the person that first called it to be, The Futsal Group is not an organization. The Futsal Group is basically anyone that wants to develop Futsal for the good of the game. Its a loosely based movement dedicated to finding ways for people to have opportunities to enjoy life, through Futsal. I hope this piece of information would suffice but those who wish to know more, feel free to email me if you have any further inquiries and I will gladly reply to them.

Futsal, and I quote numerous sources, is a game that spawned from the Mother Game which is Football. It was a game designed to deliver the culture of the game (Foot-sports)to places where there is no space, equipment, or suitable climate/conditions. Purely on this count, this answers the question on why the Philippines can embrace Futsal, it is because it is the best tool in modern times in promoting footsports, because of its access and opportunities for everyone. Whether or not the Futsal Group is present or official, what matters is the material to develop and grow, and that is the willing and enthusiastic people of our Country.

Today, I am a full time employee and junior officer of Citibank N.A. Philippines, handling accounting and database management duties. Through giving all my personal time, I have chosen Futsal as my medium of expression as how to embrace life and the lives that make it what it really is, life! Every tear but with a fighting spirit from a losing team's eye, every smile on the street children's faces, every scream of victory from a hard working teams effort, every centavo handed out as job opportunities to officials/organizers/referees, and every content words coming from people glad to be playing the game, it all sums up into the equation of making Futsal worthwhile...

There are numerous people that have come forward to develop Futsal over the past few months, whether as a group or as individuals. Futsal today would not be where it is today if not for their care and dedication. To all those that did something Futsal Related or intend to do something Futsal Related, have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!!


- Juan Miguel Pacifico Guingona David

Call me what you want, whatever title I am known for, in the end of the day, I am a simply a Futsalista!

11. Unofficial Futsal World Rankings courtesy of and Errea

"ERREA" Futsal World & European Ranking - December 2003

Errea, in collaboration with Futsalplanet and Swiss Futsal, offers to you the ERREA Futsal Ranking updated to December 2003

-------------------- ----HOME--- ----AWAY--- --NEUTRAL--
-------------------- Draw---Win- Draw---Win- Draw---Win-
Friendly Match ----- 0,250-0,500 0,500-1,000 0,400-0,750
Continental Qualif.- 0,500-0,750 0,750-1,250 0,650-1,000
World Cup Qualif. -- 0,750-1,000 1,000-1,500 0,900-1,250
Continental Champ.-- 1,000-1,250 1,250-1,750 1,150-1,500
World Cup ---------- 1,250-1,500 1,500-2,000 1,400-1,750

-------- Draw ---- Win
/10 ---- 0,360 --- 0,380
/20 ---- 0,340 --- 0,360
/30 ---- 0,320 --- 0,340
/40 ---- 0,300 --- 0,320
/50 ---- 0,280 --- 0,300
/60 ---- 0,260 --- 0,280
/70 ---- 0,240 --- 0,260
/80 ---- 0,220 --- 0,240
/90 ---- 0,200 --- 0,220
/100 --- 0,180 --- 0,200
/110 --- 0,160 --- 0,180


RANK -- COUNTRY --------------------------- SCORE
..1 --- Brazil ---------------------------- 194,040
..2 --- Spain ----------------------------- 181,420
..3 --- Italy ----------------------------- 126,380
..4 --- Netherlands ----------------------- 122,120
..5 --- Russia ---------------------------- 112,300
..6 --- Belgium --------------------------- .90,640
..7 --- Iran ------------------------------ .88,820
..8 --- Hungary --------------------------- .84,880
..9 --- Argentina ------------------------- .70,957
.10 --- Ukraine --------------------------- .66,260
.11 --- Portugal -------------------------- .64,480
.12 --- Croatia --------------------------- .53,430
.13 --- USA ------------------------------- .52,895
.14 --- Czech Republic -------------------- .50,670
.15 --- Japan ----------------------------- .48,677
.16 --- Poland ---------------------------- .45,710
.17 --- Thailand -------------------------- .44,483
.18 --- Serbia and Montenegro ------------- .40,740
.19 --- Slovenia -------------------------- .38,880
.20 --- Korea Republic -------------------- .32,534
.21 --- Slovakia -------------------------- .32,430
.22 --- Australia ------------------------- .31,780
.23 --- Paraguay -------------------------- .31,030
.24 --- Uruguay --------------------------- .30,800
.25 --- Belarus --------------------------- .27,530
.26 --- Uzbekistan ------------------------ .24,380
.27 --- Egypt ----------------------------- .22,697
.28 --- Kazakhstan ------------------------ .19,596
.29 --- Costa Rica ------------------------ .18,602
.30 --- Bosnia and Herzegovina ------------ .16,710
.31 --- Kyrgystan ------------------------- .15,335
.32 --- Kuwait ---------------------------- .13,330
.33 --- Georgia --------------------------- .12,520
.34 --- Guatemala ------------------------- .11,635
.35 --- Azerbaijan ------------------------ .11,580
.36 --- Vanuatu --------------------------- .11,050
.37 --- F.Y.R. Macedonia ------------------ .10,180
.38 --- Fiji ------------------------------ .10,120
.39 --- Mexico ---------------------------- .10,110
.40 --- Greece ---------------------------- .10,060
.41 --- Malaysia -------------------------- ..9,850
.42 --- Cuba ------------------------------ ..8,633
.43 --- Canada ---------------------------- ..8,300
.44 --- Romania --------------------------- ..7,660
.45 --- Indonesia ------------------------- ..7,360
.46 --- Andorra --------------------------- ..6,840
.46 --- China PR -------------------------- ..6,840
.46 --- Palestine ------------------------- ..6,840
.46 --- Israel ---------------------------- ..6,840
.50 --- Iraq ------------------------------ ..6,530
.51 --- Finland --------------------------- ..6,170
.52 --- France ---------------------------- ..5,600
.53 --- Chinese Taipei -------------------- ..5,320
.54 --- Papa-N.Guinea --------------------- ..5,070
.55 --- Latvia ---------------------------- ..4,960
.56 --- Bolivia --------------------------- ..4,265
.57 --- Hong Kong ------------------------- ..4,180
.58 --- Lithuania ------------------------- ..3,880
.59 --- Ghana ----------------------------- ..3,750
.60 --- Brunei ---------------------------- ..3,660
.61 --- Venezuela ------------------------- ..3,536
.62 --- Denmark --------------------------- ..3,500
.62 --- Zimbabwe -------------------------- ..3,500
.64 --- Bahrain --------------------------- ..3,250
.65 --- Singapore ------------------------- ..3,190
.66 --- Chile ----------------------------- ..2,862
.67 --- Cyprus ---------------------------- ..2,540
.68 --- New Zealand ----------------------- ..2,500
.69 --- Libya ----------------------------- ..2,400
.69 --- Morocco --------------------------- ..2,400
.71 --- Perý ------------------------------ ..2,365
.72 --- Moldova --------------------------- ..2,330
.73 --- Rep. Ireland ---------------------- ..2,250
.74 --- Scotland -------------------------- ..2,040
.75 --- Lebanon --------------------------- ..1,800
.75 --- Tajikistan ------------------------ ..1,800
.77 --- Philippines ----------------------- ..1,650
.78 --- Colombia -------------------------- ..1,635
.79 --- Armenia --------------------------- ..1,550
.80 --- Netherlands Antilles --------------- ..1,375
.80 --- Surinam --------------------------- ..1,375
.82 --- El Salvador ----------------------- ..1,300
.83 --- Ecuador --------------------------- ..1,250
.83 --- Oman ------------------------------ ..1,250
.83 --- Western Samoa --------------------- ..1,250
.86 --- Vietnam --------------------------- ..1,000
.87 --- Cambodia -------------------------- ..0,970
.88 --- Congo DR -------------------------- ..0,900
.88 --- Somalia --------------------------- ..0,900
.90 --- England --------------------------- ..0,750
.91 --- Bulgaria -------------------------- ..0,500
.92 --- Algeria --------------------------- ..0,000
.92 --- Albania --------------------------- ..0,000
.92 --- Aruba ----------------------------- ..0,000
.92 --- Cook Islands ---------------------- ..0,000
.92 --- Austria --------------------------- ..0,000
.92 --- Haiti ----------------------------- ..0,000
.92 --- Macau ----------------------------- ..0,000
.92 --- Nicaragua ------------------------- ..0,000
.92 --- Nigeria --------------------------- ..0,000
.92 --- Puerto Rico ----------------------- ..0,000
.92 --- San Marino ------------------------ ..0,000
.92 --- Saudi Arabia ---------------------- ..0,000
.92 --- South Africa ---------------------- ..0,000
.92 --- UAE ------------------------------- ..0,000