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Miguel Andres Says Falcao will Head Star-Studded Cast at Intercontinental Cup

By Tim Sheldon

GREENSBORO, N.C. (5-5-13) - Miguel Andres, co-director with Rob Andrews of USA Futsal, said we'll be seeing some of the most skilled Futsal players in the world when the Intercontinental Futsal Cup arrives at the Greensboro Coliseum June 27-30.

falcao050513.jpg (9066 bytes)"Falcao and Vinisius from Brazil's Intelli/Orlandia, Kike and Miguelin from Spain's ElPozo Murcia, Rodrigo from Brazil's Carlos Barbosa, Fernandinho from Russia's Dinamo Moscow ... the best players of the world," he said. "A big part of the Brazilian, Spanish, Russian, Argentinian and Guatemalan national teams will be represented. It is probably the best Intercontinental ever."

(Photo: Falcao coming to Greensboro.)

Andres said Falcao, the best-known Futsal player in the world, has never won the Intercontinental Cup and will have added incentive to add it to his list. And there are other incentives. It is the first Intercontinental for Dinamo Moscow and ElPozo Murcia. Carlos Barbosa is the defending champion, and Argentina's Boca Juniors will be bringing an experienced team. CONCACAF will be represented by FSC Glucosoral, champion of Guatemala's professional league, considered the best in CONCACAF.

Andres arrived in the U.S. in August, 2012, and wasted little time working with Andrews to lay the groundwork for the Intercontinental Cup. The Cup is sanctioned by the Spain's Liga Nacional de Futbol Sala (LNFS) and FIFA, and Andres handled the communication with both.

"With LNFS the communication is great," Andres said. "We speak daily, with Javier Lozano or Ignacio Vicente. We have known each other for a long time, and we have a great relationship. And of course, there are many things that need to be discussed about this huge event. FIFA also knows the details surrounding this Intercontinental. Jaime Yarza, the Futsal Director of FIFA, loves Futsal and is always ready to hear and help. He is a great support."

Andres met Rob Andrews for the first time when Andres was assistant coach and physical trainer at Inter Movistar in Madrid and part of the Spanish National Team staff.

"At that time, we had a great national team and the best club in the world. It was in 2007 or 2008. In that moment we had a great team: Schumacher, Luis Amado, Daniel, Marquinho, Gabriel, Neto. It was a great time when the team was fighting to win it all."

Andres said he took an interest in Andrews because he thought the U.S. was the perfect country to develop Futsal.

"And now that I'm living here, I can see it more clearly. It has all the ingredients to become one of the stronger national teams in the world, and it also has all the ingredients for the public to enjoy. It's the type of sport spectacle that Americans love. So I thought that I could help in that process."

Andrews watched the Inter Moviestar practices and managed to gain the attention of Andres.

"After the training we started talking, but to be honest, in that time I was very focused on my team and in the Spanish National Team that I was lucky to be part of, and I saw this like a future possibility, not for that moment."

Andres and Andrews continued to communicate when Andres went to coach at Dina Moscow for two years.

"We used to speak often about many things. He also came to a preseason training session that I made with my team in Belgrade, Serbia. He was able to live with a professional Futsal team and see how hard we worked."

Andres agreed to join Andrews in North Carolina because, "I decided that because after a lot of years in the highest competition I needed to take a rest from it. High level competition is hard. For yourself and for your family. There is never a free day. But more important than that, I loved the project to develop Futsal in the U.S., and I could see in my mind that it could be something amazing. I love the way Americans do things around sports - the NBA is the example that we have in Europe - and I could imagine Futsal at that level."

Andres started taking the idea of the Intercontinental Cup seriously as soon as he arrived, "like nine months ago.  To host the Intercontinental Cup that I had played in six times in one of these amazing venues, for me it was something that I knew could be great."

Andres felt that the time was right for major Futsal promotions in the U.S.

"Sure. I feel it. Futsal is going to grow. Everybody who plays it, loves it. Everybody who watches it, loves it. We just need to show it and show it in the right way. This Intercontinental Futsal Cup is one of the biggest events that can be played in Futsal worldwide. I would love that all the Futsal community in the U.S. will enjoy it and that we all go in the same direction."


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