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Javier Lozano Recommends Futsal for Youth Players

Letter from Javier Lozano
National Futsal Coach of Spain

MADRID (7-14-98) - In answer to your questions, I started playing Futsal in 1982. My teams were Toledo (five seasons), Algon (one season), Marsanz (one season), and Cajatoledo (two seasons). I played my last game on 7 July, 1991.

wpe6.jpg (1971 bytes)When I was a player, I trained younger players, but I began as a professional coach on 15 August 1991. The last team where I played was my first team as a professional coach. I became national coach in January, 1992.

"In Spain, actually, all soccer players under 25 have practiced Futsal in schools and and have played in youth championships.

(Photo: Javier Lozano.)

I will not be taking a club team to the championships in Belgium, because I will be training the national team only.

My advice for youth soccer coaches is for them to work toward developing the following qualities that can be derived from Futsal:

* Play in reduced spaces with the smaller, Futsal ball because this adapts well to the smaller size of the youth players.

* The use of five players on the smaller playing area ensures that the players participate more, and it accelerates their acquisition of technique.

* Playing in reduced space develops creativity.

* Playing very close the their opponents in the small area accustoms the players to think and makes decisions very rapidly.

* The small playing area and close proximity of opponents causes the players to learn to move without the ball in order to create free space.

* Participation of substitutes is very dynamic and has special importance.

Brazilian players are the best in individual technique, specifically in their speed in the execution of technique. It's easier for them, because of the social characteristics of their environment, they have much more time to practice with the ball at a very early age.

Another detail in the Brazilians' favor is that Futsal has been played in their country for the past 50 years.

In Brazil, all of the outdoor players have played Futsal.

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