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Rules of Play: It's Basically Futsal on Sand

Pro Beach Soccer is basically the same as Futsal, with some differences in rules. Of course, anyone staging a Beach Soccer tournament can set it up any way he wants. Here are the basic rules from recent tournaments. If you're interested in 3x3, see the link below).

* Each game consists of three 12-minute periods.

* There is a three-minute break in between each period.

* Each team consists of five players - four field players and a goalkeeper.

* Each team is given free substitution.

* There are no tie matches.

* If teams are deadlocked at the end of regulation, they will play one three-minute sudden-death overtime period.

* If the game is still tied, the game will decided by a sudden-death penalty kick shootout..

* Players who receive yellow cards will be forced to sit out for two minutes.

* The dimensions of the field are 40 yards in length and 30 yards in width.

* The goals are 18 feet wide and 7 feet, 3 inches high.

Cantona Plays in Beach Tournament

Reuters news service reported from Alicante, Spain, that Eric Cantona was set to play in a Beach Soccer tournament Saturday, July 25.

Cantona was to play for France in the third Beach Football Championships against teams such as Italy, Spain and Yugoslavia.

Cantona told Reuters that he wouldn't be taking the tournament lightly.

``I enjoy it when I play but especially when I win. I've noticed that even with little games it's better to win. And it doesn't get any better with age. You have the will to win until you die.''

Cantona quit the outdoor game a year ago and is now a film actor. He is former captain of Manchester United.

If you're interested in 3x3 rules, go to Rules for 3x3. 1

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