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American FutSal Coaches Association (AFSCA) Launches in Affiliation with Spanish Futsal Coaching Association (ANEFS) 

NEW YORK (1-30-15) - The American FutSal Coaches Association (AFSCA) has announced the beginning of operations in a joint venture with ANEFS (Asociación Nacional de Entrenadores de Fútbol Sala de España - National Futsal Coaches Association of Spain).

AFSCA stated in a news release that, "a new initiative has been created to promote Futsal in North America with the purpose of preparing educators and coaches with the same methodology used in the Liga Nacional de Futbol Sala (LNFS), the best Futsal league in the world."

AFSCA outlined plans that would make it a major coaching force in the U.S.

"As Futsal develops in the United States, it is necessary to implement other models to foster the professional practice of this sport throughout the country. It is with this need in mind that the American FutSal Coaches Association (AFSCA) initiates their activities to become the leaders in Futsal coaching education in North America. Through an important agreement with ANEFS, four levels of Futsal license courses will be provided to shape future coaches in America."

According to the news release, AFSCA will provide coaches "the unique opportunity to learn first hand the way the game is taught in Spain, one of the most important Futsal nations and home to the best Futsal league in the world."

Miguel Santolaria Gil, international representative for AFSCA, said the affiliation with ANEFS "allows us to offer our coaches a license that is developed and certified by ANEFS."

The courses will incorporate the leading tactical and technical Futsal methodology in the world, Gil said.

"It's a valuable opportunity to improve the way the game is run in the Americas by bringing the best Futsal coaches in the world to provide courses, clinics, and conventions throughout the United States. Our first guest will be Paco Cachinero, President of ANEFS, who brings a wealth of experience through many years as a coach and now as the leader of the Spanish Futsal Coaches Association. Paco's knowledge will provide American Futsal coaches with an amazing opportunity to learn.".

AFSCA said its first major event will be their FutSal Monitor Course, a 16-hour bilingual course Paco Cachinero will lead in the New York City area. AFSCA hopes to partner with existing futsal clubs in the United States and the Americas to aid in the growth and expansion of Futsal. Additional information on AFSCA and their future events is available at www.americanfutsalcoach.com as well as throughout the social media.

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